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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Thanks to Eliya I now have my own blog. So first of all, thank you Eliya for setting up this blog for me!

The galia perspective was created to keep the comment area on my FB short for the hurried reader. My blog, on the other hand, will provide a longer version of my perspective on things. If I can make predictions, without committing of course, in this blog I will probably comment on media and politics, single motherhood, working for the government, the immigrant world, and other touchy-feely subjects we all love to talk about.

So here we go...

Starting with politics; my favorite subject:

As you may know, here in California we are going to have elections on June 8. I call them "sneaky elections" 'cause who ever can figure out these special ones; I can barely figure out the November ones with all those propositions written upside down and inside out... where a yes is a no and a no is a yes.

If you are not registered, register now!! You can download a registration form here, sign it and mail it ASAP.

Request absentee ballot, this way you can vote from home, while watching your favorite TV show or eating dinner, and you can have a paper trail (remember Florida!).

On June 22 special elections Dems hope to elect John Laird to the California State Senate.

If you feel the need to support the Democrats as I do, please make sure to make your voice heard on both days: June 8 and June 22.

Need help deciding? Here some name dropping:

Barbara Boxer U.S. Senate
Jerry Brown Governor
Sam Farr Congress
Bill Monning State Assembly

No on Prop 14 Top-Two primaries
Yes on prop 15 Fair elections (put the lid on corporations, lobbyists and such).
No on Prop 16 PG&E monopoly
No on Prop 17 Higher auto insurance premiums (yee-pee)
If you have questions re other props contact me here.

until next time, adios!
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