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Friday, May 28, 2010

a tribute to the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

I want to express my appreciation to all those who fight for gay rights, and to my gay friends who take a stand and live openly with or without a partner. Unfortunately some of you can't get legally married in California because we are a little behind some less vocally gay states like... Iowa, for example. But the last word has not been said yet, and the notorious prop 8 will be gone sooner than later, I believe and hope.

As for DADT, I never really understood why Americans make such a big deal about gays in the military. In Israel, where I served two years in the navy, if you have a pulse you can serve. No one cares who you sleep with as long as it's consensual. That's all that matters. Besides, it's nice to have gays in the military; fewer men to sexually harass girl soldiers. Yup, I'm talking from experience.

So it is very encouraging to see that things are finally moving forward in America. One day, being gay will be as trivial as being divorced. Some of you might remember the time when being divorced used to be a terrible stigma, an embarrassment. Now look at it - no one gives it a second thought. Divorced, single, married, whatever. Get on match dot com and see what happens next.

All that's left for us to do now is to wait for the first really high-ranking officer to come out of the closet, perhaps a three-star general, to counter-balance openly gay congressmen and mayors. There will be a big brouhaha on cable television and cyberspace and pundits will say the man is a hero and a role model and all that crap. And then the first openly gay enlisted person will get killed in Afghanistan or Iraq (or Iran... who knows) and there will be another big stir all over cable television and cyberspace because that's a real "human interest" story, and the right wing nuts will probably say that God is striking back at the army because we allow gays to fight for God Bless America. And yadi-yadi-yada.

So here's my tribute:

The best date I had in the last 3 years was with a gay man!

He had a martini. I had rum and coke (I'm a fake drinker). Sometime during the night he said that martinis are like nipples: one is not enough, three is too many. Cracked me up.

We listened to music and talked until I nearly lost my voice. It was almost midnight when we decided to call it a night. Before we got in the car we stopped to look at the ocean. He said it was so romantic and I agreed. At the end of the night I was not worried whether he would call the next morning. I knew he would.

So there.

Now DADT goes for another vote.

I wish all gays who want to serve openly in the armed forces a very safe tour where ever they go. Just FYI, bullets, RPGs, IEDs, and the smartest LGBs don't discriminate and can leave you FUBAR whether you're gay or straight.

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