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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My blog was one year old, yesterday

I didn't write as much as I planned. But I'm still writing, once in a while. And you, my dear reader, are still coming back.


I love seeing you coming back. I recognize you in my spying program that shows me who drops in and for how long. Some of you sneak a pick and then leave me a thumb up on my facebook page. Some leave a message. I love reading your messages, even if you don't always agree with me.

As you see, I write about different things. I am really into politics and can't stop commenting on stuff, mostly the stuff that irritates me. Like stupidity, ignorance, GOPism, and now the new item on the list, the so-called Arab Spring. Those of you who see my comments on facebook may have seen my latest; that the Arab spring is giving me a bad case of allergies, because this is what spring does to me. It makes me sneeze.

I was happy to see the Egyptians go out to the square, but now when I read about clashes between Muslims and Coptics in Egypt I am reminded that change comes slowly to the Middle East. It comes kicking and screaming in the form of fires, fists and bullets.

Then the Palestinians start "protesting" their Nakba and I think to myself, "same ol' same ol'" like we don't see thru it; that it is such a nice diversion from the real Nakba that is going on in Syria.

And that the Palestinians are buying into their eternal "protest."
Man, these people just can't see the light.

Now I sound like a real Israeli. I guess there is a limit to my open-mindedness, sometimes.

Luckily, I am not all about politics. You probably read some of my adventures in online dating, speaking with an accent, and motherhood. For example, my introduction to Korean everything. That's been a curios ride that I am still enduring every day. But that's also what I called "the joy of having a kid," in one of my earlier posts.

I wrote 62 posts in my first year. That's an average of 5 posts per month. Not sure what it means.

Those of you who drop in once in a while, keep on dropping in. Leave a comment if you feel like saying something. Some of you have asked me to write about a specific topic, and I like that. Let me know if you wish to read my perspective on something. I will always try to keep it as "Other" as I can.

thank you. shukran. 감사합니다 .

تشحر. obrigada. gracias.


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