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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden...What else?

I was going to write about the royal wedding which almost went under my radar, but then Osama was killed and all hell broke loose, so I have to postpone my cynical comments to another day.

It is not like I know anything no one else knows, but I had an interesting conversation with an unlikely observer and the emerging theory which I haven't seen anywhere in the blogosphere is this: "Of course the Pakistanis knew he was there and of course they knew when the Americans came to kill him. But for their own sake they have to pretend that they knew nothing and keep themselves out of the picture, otherwise they would have to deal with even more suicide bombings and more insurgency in their towns. And the top dogs will have to really look over their shoulders all the time."

So my question was: They prefer to be called incompetents and/or liars than face the music of the TPG, i.e. Taliban Propelled Granade?

The answer up till now is yes.

So maybe the story is that Obama's people are protecting the Pakistani government from the wrath of Osama's followers.

We'll probably never know.

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