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Friday, April 15, 2011

name recognition

It's interesting that the Democrats were able to send an unknown black man to the White House, while the Republicans struggle to outdo themselves. Every few weeks we hear another big name planning an exploratory committee or timidly announcing a lack of interest in running. Yeah, sure. Just to make us wimpy Democrats a little nervous. And in case the name seems a bit wobbly, they just attach it to a TV reality show or a mean-spirited talk radio and hope for the best.

Palin didn't make it with McCain, so they gave her a TV show; Huckabee flunked in the primaries, they gave him a TV show, Limbaugh built his own little nasty empire with a radio talk show; and now Donald Trump who is probably better known for his "you're fired" line is showing signs of joining in. The scary part is that I know this line even though I don't even watch TV.

Obviously when the Republicans shoot for name recognition they go for the stars. Before reality TV became big, before Faux News became a nuisance, Hollywood did it for them: Reagan, Schwarzie, the guy from Law and Order who ran in the primaries and lost, whatever his name was.

They will shove their name recognition strategy down our throat until we choke. Maybe another Bush can be added to the list?

Ouch, that would be really trippy.

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