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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I think we need to change the phrase "Go to hell" to "Go to Kandahar." Both have a powerful H in them which makes a strong impact and provide immediate release from negative emotions trapped inside the body, but the latter has an additional K which can make for a more powerful release.

I like saying 'Kandahar' but I don't like to think about Kandahar.

Do you know where Kandahar is?

Can you find it on the map if I point to Afghanistan? North, south, east west, center, mountain range, valley floor, desert? I bet you will have to squint your eyes and search for it. Even if you heard about Kandahar, you probably never stopped to look at a map and find the damned place.

While I still have to locate Karbala [Iraq] on the map, I already know where to look for Kandahar.

The Taliban birthplace, that's what Kandahar is all about. The stronghold of pure, concentrated, well-armed, narrow-minded, fanatical masculine evil. Where martyrdom is more appreciated than music and art, where women and children are treated like domestic animals, or worse, where Allah has all the answers, where good people die for what?

And today, according to the New York Times headline "American and Afghan Troops Begin Combat for Kandahar." You would think that Kandahar is some enchanted kingdom sitting on a golden hill, a mythical Troy or Shangri-La, a place worth dying for.

Fuck Kandahar. That's all I want to say today.


  1. Kandahar is the place where the Russian try to liberate the local from themself and show them the Russian way of life - and fail, the Taliban with USA help took over.
    Kandahar is the place where the place where Taliban try to liberate the local from themself and show them the Taliban way of life – and fail, the western world drive them away.
    Kandahar is the place where the place where the western world tries to show the local the western way of life – they will fail …
    Kandahar is the place where simple people try to live the way they done for generation …
    LEAVE them along – they deserve to live the way they want, they will stay there after all conquerors go.

  2. I disagree with the comment posted by Tal: can we abandon the women and children to their horrible fate? Especially after having given the women hope that they would be able to live a normal life or at least something ressembling to it?
    What we should do is take all the men older than 12 and send them away to the moon!

  3. comment on facebook from New Zealand:Ha ha ha. I was in Kandahar in 77 before the Russians were there. A great place to be as a traveler but all is upside down these days. 'Fuck it' is good therapy.