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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the best peace initiative to come out of israel

Sorry, guys, but Israeli Soldiers Rock the Casbah in Hebron is the best thing to come out of Israel since ICQ. How these guys pulled off this stunt is simply amazing. They must have been rehearsing it for days. I think whoever dreamed up this thing should get the Nobel peace prize.

I mean, think about it; these nineteen year-old boys are drafted into the army immediately after finishing high-school. They know what they are getting into, they don't necessarily want to be there, but everyone does, so they do, too. They don the bullet-proof vests and ammunition, and M-16s and those funky safari hats and patrol the streets of Hebron because they were told to protect right-wing, ultra-orthodox fundamentalists they have nothing in common with. They put their young lives on line for these people because this is what their government and commanders tell them to do. And so, instead of chillin' on the beach with a cold drink, chase girls, smoke pot, and dance in the clubs at night they have to fight a war their parents and grandparent fought, without ever seeing the end of it.

I'd rather see these Israeli kids rock in the Casbah than see Palestinian kids throwing rocks at them and getting shot.

So to all those self-righteous pricks who criticize the Israeli kids who dance with their guns on the streets of Hebron (instead of using them on the Palestinian population), I say, lighten up. Wouldn't you prefer that these kids dance on the streets of Palestine rather than raid a ship and end up shooting unarmed civilians? I mean, get a life people, give those kids a break. When Israeli commandos shoot and kill, the entire world screams hell, and now that they dance - everyone screams hell all over again. What's the matter with you? We know, curfew sucks, and bombings suck, and road blocks suck, and terrorist attacks suck, and untimely violent deaths and endless war suck, and the occupation sucks, and these kids have shown the world the ridiculousness of it all. Their under two minute prank shoves it in the politicians' face: we don't want to fight your wars, we have a life to live.

And by the way, this clip is funnier and riskier than the ones made by the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq! These guys were dancing on the street in full gear, not behind blast walls in their T-shirts. Check out the link below showing U.S. soldiers dancing to Lady Gaga.

Now all that's left for us to do is see if the Palestinians are up for the challenge; if they can outdo the rocking soldiers from the Nahal Brigade.

Let's see what the fighters from Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade can come up with!!

[And just FYI, this is not the first dance performed by Nahal recruits. Check out Lahakat HaNahal. Some of Israel's best singers started their career there.]

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